Clare Bate
Safe Creative Counselling Based in the West Midlands
What is Counselling?
Counselling is a talking therapy where you can discuss and explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviour around any issue that may be affecting you. No issue is too small or to big whatever you are struggling with is a reason to come into counselling.
Counselling is a non  judgmental, safe and confidential environment . Counsellors do not give advise but can help you to come to gain some self awareness to enable you to make your own decisions about how to move forward in your life.
How Might Counselling Help Me? 
Counselling helps people in many different ways, we can feel stuck and unable to move on i.e. from a relationship or a bereavement. We can also feel frustrated and trapped in vicious cycles by anxiety, fear and anger.  People often know what holds them back but lack the courage, understanding or skills to help themselves move forward. Exploring these issues in counselling is very empowering and many clients leave counselling feeling free and lighter as a result of the experience.

How Long will the Process Take?
It depends on the issues however most sessions are in six to eight blocks following the initial assessment we can agree on a way forward beginning with four sessions and reviewing your progress and deciding a way forward. What’s important is that you feel able to make the decisions in this process and this can vary as everyone is different.
How do I Know my Counsellor is Fully Qualified?
All Counsellors go through intense training in a variety of different theories you may have heard words like Person Centred, Psychodynamic, or Integrative. You can find out more about counselling from the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists  
A qualified counsellor should be able to show you evidence of their training and be a member of a body that represents and accredits them.
Alongside the ethical guidelines set by the organisation, a Counsellor should also have professional liability insurance to safeguard both you and them.  
Counselling in an Educational Setting
Counsellors play a big part towards improving a student’s overall learning experience and academic achievement.
Counsellors can help students with issues which may be impacting on them emotionally and potentially getting in the way of their studies.

The BACP carried out some research to back this up. It was conducted in England, Scotland and Wales during 2012/2013, collecting over 5000 responses.  They found that for students who accessed in house counselling ‘improved’ or ‘recovered’ by 75%.